marmalade dreaming

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

soul happened. the people were awesome, the weather was perfect, and god was wonderfully unpredictable as always. what a great week. despite the sometimes crazy levels of stress, i still got to have some fantastic conversations with new people and old friends, had some super intense moments with god, and had lots and lots of laughs. camping was well fun too. god did such an amazing thing with the people he brought along. they really made the conference - everybody was so much fun, so friendly, so willing to help and encourage eachother...oh it was good. i had more responsibility than i've ever had at soul before too which was challenging at times but for the most part real good fun. how cool are walkie-talkies. and despite it having it's fair share of things that went haywire (which i don't think many people noticed anyway), the whole conference just seemed to 'fit', or something. god took us somewhere new. like aside from it just being a great experience, i think it's also left us with a sense of momentum for whatever is next. god blessed us so so much. how beautiful.

i think god chuckles at me quite a bit. i do the silliest things.

"some might say that we should never ponder on our thoughts coz they hold sway over time" - oasis

Saturday, April 10, 2004

there was something super special about yesterday. and today sort of too. but i can't put my finger on what.

unrelated (or perhaps not? who knows), i saw even more paper today than i saw at the local council elections a few weeks ago. at least people will read this stuff though. we hope so anyway. we made hundreds of programs, which is a heck of a lot of photocopying, cutting, sorting, collating, folding, stapling and bundling. we had quite the assembly line going, with farmyard noises and royalty in all the right places (you had to be there, obviously). it was a good day though. i'm surprised i didn't get a single paper cut.

so excited about soul survivor. stressed out too, though not as much as last week. what a shocker that was. there's still some things that need serious fixing up, but for the most part it's all fallen into place. it's interesting/typical just how much stuff went haywire in the preparation though. someone is definitely trying to make it very difficult and trying to discourage us big time. but i'm at the excited stage now. hoorah. yesterday i even got around to registering. would've done it earlier but i kept forgetting my money, which tends to be crucial when paying for something.

how good is the 'vicar of dibley'. go watch a few episodes if you haven't seen it.

however much i love it, i'm so looking forward to having a week off work. but i can't beleive how lucky i am to have my job. the other day all the parents came and we had an easter egg hunt and and easter hat parade. somehow i got the responsibility of the bbq, which is hilarious, as i really have no idea about that kind of thing. but so far nobody has complained of food poisoning so i think i'm ok. and the kids were all so cute. they're just beautiful. what an amazing blessing little people are. and playdough!! my, what a terrific invention. on thursday i made a snowman and an easter bunny with easter eggs, both of which the kids marvelled at then destroyed. why don't more people make playdough?

"but when i feel alone i sing myself a song...because wherever i lay a groove is my home" - michael franti

Monday, April 05, 2004

who's excited about having a day off? i am!! yay team. actually got a heck of a lot to get done, but i can do it all from home, and eat whenever i want, and wear whatever i want (still pj's at the moment), and listen to whatever music i want, and not have to tell anyone off. it's super.

had THE worst sleep last night. i'm usually a deep sleeper but this last week or so has been plain silly. woke up with a cold this morning too which isn't helpful. it better be gone by next week.

car trips with the right group of people are so fun. even if you spend the entire time being teased, i still enjoy them. honest.

we went to a ruach (is that how you spell it?) gathering yesterday morning which was well cool. great people, great heart, great chocolate. we hung out with the kids/teenagers for a bit, and i got to play games for the first time in ages. so much fun! we went to another church in windsor last night which was also cool. lovely people again. and they had what has to be one of the best after-church dinners i've ever experienced. the facilities were amazing. i don't think i've ever seen such a neat stage. it was immaculate. i'm so used to the clutter of leads and chunky foldbacks and extra bits and was actually daunting not having anything hanging around. in the afternoon we also had our last official group prayer meeting for the big event next week. that was cool. we stood in a small shelter looking out onto the site, watching the rain pelt down and praying to god that it wouldn't look the same in 8 days time. i mean obviously god's power isn't affected by the weather, and he'll show up no matter what it's like outside, but we hope that if it does rain, it won't get in the way of good things happening, and won't dampen people's spirits (sorry...couldn't resist!).

why is it that when you playfight/hit/poke/push/tickle/punch/kick somebody of your own gender, it's called bantering or mucking around or being stupid or having a laugh or bashing eachother up, and when it's somebody of the opposite gender, it's automatically called flirting? i'm 100% sure lots of people will disagree with me, but i think that concept is a bit silly.

"make a mental note to dig a deeper wishing well next year" - ben lee

Saturday, April 03, 2004

sitting here in an office typing on a computer that isn't mine, with an empty belly, sand between my toes and some classic beach hair. i could really do with a shower, some dinner, and a block of chocolate. but i've been out since last night, and won't be going home till later tonight, so i probably won't get a shower for a few hours. dinner might be an option if there's money in my wallet (a rare occasion). i'd say/hope/pray that there'll be chocolate where i'm going tonight, so that's atleast one thing sorted. we'll see what we can do about the other two. necessity is indeed the mother of invention. i wonder who the father is. boredom, maybe?

didn't have my md player with me today, so was restricted to radio and old tapes. found a crowded house one that is bad quality but absolutely top in terms of content. what a fabulous band.

we had a sleepover last night. twas very cool spending time with people i don't see as much of anymore. quote of the evening would be either "yeah, i was supposed to be a girl" or "i once had a dream that i was a piece of tinsel".

my, things have been naff lately. not everything, obviously. just lots of things, and there's also just been this general feeling of blah...but it's a serious blah...not an 'oh bother' blah. it's totally come out of nowhere. well, maybe not. there's actually a couple of things that may well explain it. either way, it's getting very silly trying to analyse the blah. i should probably just accept it and move on with letting god do what he wants with it.

i'm tired.

"and the roses you grow...have a powerful scent...they'll be breaking your heart by the morning" - crowded house

Thursday, April 01, 2004

not always a blink fan (although i've definitely got a soft spot for them...a couple of their songs have been anthems at one time or another and they have heaps of memories attached to they can be pretty funny guys), but i thought this lyric from their current song 'miss you' was kinda pretty (in a non-frilly-girly way):

"don't waste your time on're already a voice inside my head" - blink182

sometimes things go wrong and no matter how much you know it isn't your fault, it still feels that way.

i spose blessings in disguise are sneaky little truckers.

even though i never saw them, i miss counting crows.

got an invitation to my sister's wedding. i was kinda hoping to be invited, so it's worked out well.

'coastal chill 2' is an excellent cd.

off to work with the preschoolers now. should be a nice change from the babies room experience i had yesterday. but except for the sleep-in, afternoon shifts are such a pain.

that's all.

"the wheels on the bus go round and round" - some song i'll no doubt sing within the next few hours