marmalade dreaming

Monday, August 30, 2004

just discovered that my name was at it's most popular in the 1940s, and has dramatically decreased since then. i love that.

another discovery i made today was a bit less exciting and bit more messy. in our car, there's this little compartment just infront of the gearstick where you can put sunnies or coins or toothpaste or whatever. i don't drive this particular car very often, and was hunting around for something, in the process removing a glasses case from this compartment. and underneath was a bit of a surprise...turns out a full packet of soothers had melted and totally flooded the compartment with throat-friendly liquidation. it was actually really gross. lots and lots of fluro yellow goo roughly the consistency of watered-down maple syrup. mmm.

got sent a newsletter today from this mission organisation that sends me newsletters. they do lots of other things too. don't quite know how to explain it...but there's something that just tugs at me whenever i read or hear about what these people are doing overseas. and not just the overseas thing - more just what they're doing with their lives. they know god, he lets them in on his heart, then they go and do the obvious thing in response to it. why should life have to be any more complicated than that?

"euphoria has just been here...and she's looking terrible" - veruca salt

Thursday, August 26, 2004

i just wrote a song. it's called, 'i just finished an assignment that's due later this morning that i started a couple of hours ago and i'm so ready for bed'. you may hear me hum it sometime...if you're lucky...

"so she wrote four pages of total jack...and then it was time to hit the sack..."

Monday, August 23, 2004

ok, today's vote for best chocolate ever: cadbury dairy milk malt crisp. it's amazing.

beleive it or not, 3year olds sure know how to tackle strategically. as soon as one of them has you half-down, millions more of them will swarm around and pretty soon you're at the bottom of a stacks-on and can't get up, partly because of the weight, and partly because you're laughing so much. it's fun. honest.

the other night was at a house that totally overlooked the beach. as in, there's the road, then there's the house, then there's the backyard, then there's the rocks, and then there's that little thing they call the ocean. incredible. damn good for parties. damn good for anything, really. imagine waking up to that view. i wonder if you'd start taking it for granted? i miss being closer to the beach. it's kind of funny that i really only had the transport, the time and the desire to go to the beach more often once we'd moved. silly.

and is it really that difficult to say goodbye to people when you're about to leave?

"when time is against you...time re-invents you" - some song by some band i heard the other night

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

one of the funniest things about falling asleep is that little twitch that happens just as you're nodding off. the kids at work do it all the time. it's hilarious - their eyes will have closed for a while, their breathing starts to change...then........twitch. i'm not sure when exactly the twitch is supposed to come, but i seem to be just awake enough to notice mine sometimes. most of the time they're just little, but i've witnessed more energetic ones too. like this afternoon - i was on the train, and had my phone in my hand as i started to snooze, then when i twitched i sort of half-threw it and it fell on the floor. bit of a kodak moment. does kodak make video cameras? because that's what i really mean. a normal camera wouldn't really capture the moment as a whole. you'd really need something with motion. but 'panasonic moment' doesn't have the same ring to it...

"it's a big enough umbrella...but it's always me that ends up getting wet" - sting

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

there are certain songs that can make you smile no matter how many times you hear them and no matter what mood or situation you're in. for those few minutes you can dance, jump on your bed, play air guitar or the steering wheel drum kit, sing at the top of your lungs into a vaguely omnipresent microphone and basically just let loose and enjoy yourself, and not worry about recomposing your messy thoughts until afterwards. i think that rocks.

"you give me chills...then you leave me cold" - ben lee

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

great songs that don't get enough airplay or media coverage:
* the aeroplane jelly song
* the cottees song (ie. the fruit...that goes to cottees...etc)
* happy little vegemites
* backstreet's back

hooray for live music, once again. hooray for red and wooden interior furnishings. hooray for reminiscing with old buddies and laughing yourself silly. hooray for random phone conversations. hooray for those few days that my hair behaves like i want it to. hooray for disney compilation cds.

me: what are you making?
toddler: a cake.
me: what kind of cake is it?
toddler: pink and white.
me: what does it taste like?
toddler: orange juice.

was genuinely scared out of my wits the other night. just quickly, what a fun phrase that is. i wonder where we go when we go outside our wits. i wonder what this witless place is like. i wonder when it is that you come back? and does the "my" imply that we each have our own unique wits? does the plural imply that we have a whole community of them? but then when you're talking about somebody being cleverly cheeky, you'd say that they have 'a' wit. where do the others go? enthralling as that all is, the point is that i was really really scared. it was a silly incident involving some school grounds and silhouettes and a security guard who ended up being a p-plater, and it really wasn't a big deal at all, but i just got so flippin scared. it's not often that i get like that so it took me by surprise. i'd also been a bit moody the few days before, so the whole thing was probably blown totally out of proportion for me anyway. and because the whole scare-factor ended up being fake, i ended up being really really annoyed as well. extreme emotions are the weirdest things. they seem to either have an all-consuming effect where everything and anything starts rushing through your brain and you can't think straight because you have to many thoughts to think through, or, they'll be the opposite, where they just numb your mind completely and you can't think of anything but the current situation and at that moment nothing else seems to matter. either way they can take a bit of time to snap out of. then again, it's probably less as 'snap out of' thing and more a gradual 'you're ok, the world's ok, i'm ok, things are ok, tell me it's going to be ok' thing. anyway. the trouble some people go to to find a good view.

"daylight fading...come and waste another year...all the anger and the eloquence are bleeding into fear" - counting crows

Monday, August 02, 2004

today's top ten fun names to call people if they're being silly in some way (these are not meant to be harsh, and are not for serious use following somebody seriously screwing up. they're just names you'd casually call a friend in a 'you're a likeable dork' manner, always with a smile):
* goose
* sillyhead
* dropkick
* space cadet
* trooper
* dufus
* wally
* dag
* nuffy
* drongo

...and i'm sure there's many more. i wonder if it's an especially bad thing that i can think of so many of those kind of sort-of-negative-yet-actually-quite-affectionate terms. i really need to work on my affirmation skills.

in unrelated news, aren't the oompa loompas from 'charlie and the chocolate factory' the scariest things ever?

i feel a bit horrible saying this, but there's a lot of church-related stuff that's really making me puke these days. not one particular church - not mine or anybody else's - just church in general. maybe even some of 'general' things about christians too. and i'm even one of them. how bizarre (cue that evil song from that one-hit-wonder group from new zealand that everybody always sings when you say the word 'bizarre'...that's one of the cruelest, cleverest things a songwriter can do. take a really common phrase and shove it into an annoyingly catchy hook. and from then on, everytime that phrase is uttered, your song is mentioned without fail by some dag who thinks the musical reference is still witty and hilarious. grrr. the song gets publicity, the people get annoyed, everyone's a winner.). having said that, i do know how easy it is to spend lots of time getting frustrated with flaws that you could help change if you only got off your bum...and also how easy it is to get tied up with the shortcomings of others and not doing anything about your own. that whole 'plank in the eye' analogy. always thought that was a funny one. a plank. in your eye. hilarious. wasn't there some skit on tv ages ago about a plank? i think it was actually called 'the plank', strange as that seems. there wasn't any just followed the journey of this plank of wood that somehow ended up in various parts of a city, and the funfilled adventures and frivolity that was had by people who crossed paths with it. happy days...

today a girl at work was about a centimeter away from wiping her finger on my jeans. which isn't a bad thing, unless, as in this case, the finger had just had a lengthy exploration of her nose. de-skusting. as soon as i turned around and saw what she was about to do, i flinched and told her to go get a tissue. she cried. go figure.

all the kids at work at great at vision catching. one of them will come up and tell you something, and in a few minutes they'll be ten of them crowding around you telling you the same thing but about them, often upping eachother on the facts. eg kid 1: i went to the beach. kid 2: i went to the beach with daddy. kid 3: i went to the beach with spiderman. kid 4: i went to the beach everyday with spiderman AND batman. oh it's super. they're basically just good liars, but it's all done in the cutest way, and all for the purpose of getting your attention and showing off their vocabulary.

i had the weirdest, most detailed dream last night. remembered it so vividly when i woke up, but forgot to write it now all i remember is that it was weird and detailed. and pancakes. there were pancakes.

"take it as it's way too quick to care...this darkness between union tears" - the dawn collective. it was only a matter of time.