marmalade dreaming

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

met a puppy called 'boogie' today. it got me thinking about pet names. i think it's much more fun and exciting thinking about names for future pets rather than future children. for one, i don't think animals care as much. and two, you don't have to worry about an unknown surname (although if you're a boy you wouldn't have to worry about that anyway). and three, you can pick and make up words that when attached to a human might be hideous but attached to an animal are totally cool. so far i'm happy with(these are mostly for either dogs or cats or horses unless otherwise specified): tango, limerick, skip/skipton, wax/waxus (that one's definitely for a cat), spritz, freckle (for a spotted puppy or pony), flummox (which means 'to bewilder'), major, cirrus (i'm thinking a white/grey horse), pirouette (horse), marzipan (i think there's a cat called 'marzipan' in some famous book), lux, martini, bailey, tequila, frangelico (ok so alocoholic names just work), paprika, ramble, rampage, maverick, pascal, midriff (called 'riff' for short...this is for one that has a different colour around it's belly), dandy....oh the list could go on forever. a friend and i once started making names for sets of fish. like if you had 3 goldfish, you could call them 'old', 'el' and 'paso' (or 'ol', 'del' and 'paso' as we originally thought). or 'ooh', 'la' and 'laaa'. or 'gumboot', 'slipper' and 'ugg'. or 'soh', 'cah', and 'toa' (for the trigonometrically-minded). or 'knife', 'fork' and 'spatula'. or 'shi', 'do' and 'nee'. or 'su', 'per' and 'man'. or 'cupboard', 'shelf' and 'fireplace'. or 'sha', 'ga' and 'delic'. or 'vy', 'lett' and 'crumble'. or 'bub', 'ble' and 'gum'. or 'po', 'tay' and 'toe'. or 'pro', 'cras' and 'tinate'. or if you had 4 fish, they could be 'should', 'be', 'doing' and 'assignment'.

"i can't remember when it was good...moments of happiness elude...maybe i just misunderstood" - muse. who, incidentally, put on a sensationally brilliant show of pure emotional intensity the other week. amazing.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

who's totally excited about going to see muse this friday night? um, that would be me. i'm such a lucky duckling!!

"stones taught me to taught me to lie" - damien rice

Monday, September 06, 2004

does having a blog necessarily make you a geek?

today's top 5 shops i could spend lots of hours and lots of money in (excluding normal clothing stores):
* costume/fancy dress shops
* lincraft
* any music store
* paper & stationary store
* borders

and the plural of 'phenomenon' is in fact 'phenomena', not 'phenomenons' as i so eloquently wrote yesterday...

"the author of my hope is writing...the greatest story ever told" - five iron frenzy

Sunday, September 05, 2004

lots of people probably wouldn't think of lincraft as being the place for facetious escapades. but oh how wrong they are. a friend and i were in there the other day searching for costume stuff and spent a super mischeivous hour or so just being super mischeivous, literally ending up on the floor giggling over and over and over again. man it was fun. merry times are often had in lincraft. merry times are usually had with this particular friend too. she's one of those wonderful people that you can always count on making you laugh so much your belly hurts. hooray for sillyness. hooray for immaturity in the right context.

hooray for 21st's as well. hooray for old friends. hooray for dressing up occasionally (except maybe for the jewellery factor. it's fun at the time, but my skin still hasn't forgiven me for wearing stuff that it's not compatible with). hooray for getting over the care factor and having uninhibited fun on the dance floor. hooray for rain that stops raining for just enough time for you to run back to your car to get the present you forgot to bring inside. hooray for food that comes around on trays, which conviniently comes around more frequently when you befriend the tray-bearer.

i'm really glad i did textiles & design at highschool.

ages ago i wrote how i'd forgotten some guy's name at uni. we'd been talking for a while though, avoiding names (replacing "hey *name*" with "heyyyy" etc), then one day i thought i remembered it and introduced him to a friend as that name, only to find out that it was actually wrong and consequently had to sit through a rather awkward and embarrassing sociology lecture. oops. well, saw him the other night and i actually forgot his name all over again. could not beleive it. after all that.

there was lots of lightning tonight. lightning is right up there on the list of my favourite natural phenomenons. it was that eerie strobish lightning that lights up a whole section of sky for a few shaky seconds. we had hail this afternoon too. and i saw a rainbow. it's like a meteorology open day.

stupid driving incident of the weekend: was driving down this road, and saw a little street off to the right that i thought looked promising. put my blinker on, waited till it was all good to turn, then as i started going i hear this BEEEEP behind me. i complete the turn and the car that beeped at me goes on it's way. i'm quite annoyed and can't understand why that car was so rude as to beep me when i hadn't done anything to it. i'm thinking, 'what's your problem? huh? what? what did i do? what?'...and then i realise that the cars parked on either side of this surprisingly narrow street are all facing the same way. toward me. idiot.

read today that red capsicum is one of the best sources of vitamin c. it's weird, but i always imagine vitamin c as being orange in colour. i think that's because oranges always seem to get mentioned when you talk about vitamin c (which obviously comes up in conversation so much these days). and also because the few vitamin c pills i've ever taken have all been orange. but if things like parsley and chilli and green capsicum all contain lots of vitamin c (which they do), then it probably isn't very orange. actually, it's probably so small and whatever that it doesn't have a colour. actually, as if i have a clue.

"you said you'd die for why can't you live for me?" - magnet