marmalade dreaming

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

crosswords make me feel stupid.

today marks the official beginning of a word i've been saying inconsistently for a couple of months now. i've been saying it by accident, but the time has come to give it the validation it deserves. it's "chars" - a hybrid resulting from saying something inbetween "cheers" and "ta". there. done. open for business. now we can all say it without feeling silly and embarrassed. but don't worry, there's still plenty of other things to feel silly and embarrassed about.

favourites of the week:
milkshake flavour - choc mint.
topping on crumpets - honey. and lots of it.
tv show theme music - theme from 'sex and the city'.
homestar runner quote - "how do you be so short?"
video clip - 'tilt your head back'....mmm-mmm....
dream - the one i had last night about being in the 'tilt your head back' video clip.
sta travel consultant - a lovely girl called sarah.
home activity - jumping on the bed. so damaging to the springs, but so underrated.

"life is very short...and there's no time for fussing and fighting" - the beatles

Thursday, November 11, 2004

god is way too good to me. then again, who am i to say his behaviour is 'too' anything. he's god.

unrelated to the above, i fell up the escalators today. really really embarrassing. i was just briskly walking up in my flip flops then BAM - down i go. must've looked hilarious. after a friendly "you right there?" from a helpful fellow traveller who was probably giggling on the inside, i carried on my way, calm, cool, and once again in control. after a while i could feel a slight wetness under my toes, but although i was a bit sore, i couldn't see anything so kept on walking. a little later on and my shoes were starting to feel really slippery and the soreness had turned to aching. i looked down and nearly screamed - there was blood everywhere. inbetween my toes, all over my was really gross. the grooved metal edges of the escalator steps had gashed both my big toes. eww. hobbled into the ABC studios i was walking past at that moment and asked for help, and was taken into the first aid room and looked after by a lovely security guard named tania. was quite an exciting morning, followed by a day of walking awkwardly and reapplying band aids.

"i feel the darkness growing you cram light down my does that work out for your holy quest to be above reproach?" - pedro the lion

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

my imagination is way too hyperactive sometimes.

strange as it seems, i was quietly excited about the possibility of having glandular fever. mostly coz as far as medical condition names go, it sounds pretty cool. but alas, that virus wasn't found, which, although surprising given the circumstances, is good news. doctors are lovely people. from now on, every time i need to see a doctor, i'm going to think of a bizarre question to ask them about bodies/health/medicine (unrelated to the reason i'm there), just so i'm making full use of their intellect.

working at this new job has totally got me worried about how much i should trust shop assistants. have always known that they were capable of convincing me to buy things i don't need, but never realised just how much any of their advice could be translated into total jack. a customer came into the store today and was asking me all sorts of questions about different shades and consistencies and advantages and disadvantages of various eye shadows and nail polish and mascara...and i cannot beleive what was coming out of my mouth. i was totally, as in totally, making stuff up. giving cosmetic advice to people who trusted my opinion but who were oblivious to the fact that i actually don't have the slightest clue. it's a bit worrying.

another silly thing about this job is the employee code of conduct. apparently, it's company policy that i always wear make up, always wear nail polish and always look classy, coordinated and 'with it'. on one hand, i have a problem with all of that, and because of my problem, maybe i shouldn't be working there. on the other hand, it's just a flippin extra job to get some extra cash for exciting things coming up. so maybe i'll just get used to being girly and accept the less exciting fact that i'm selling cute but incredibly unnecessary things that don't solve anything, and that i'm getting paid to put effort into my appearance and encourage others to do the same. hooray for pink.

wouldn't it be nice to have brothers. i like having boys around. doesn't that sound weird. it's nothing funny, nothing weird - just that i think in general, despite causing the occasional (or frequent...depending on the guy) catastrophic frustration, and several smaller annoyances, and lots of other bothersome things, and lots of mess, i think boys are pretty good. in general. sometimes. a brother would be fun.

this is the last assignment i have to do for this course, it's as fat as an obese hippo in a chocolate factory, it's due tomorrow, i know i'm going to feel great once it's done and over with......but i still can't bring myself to just get on with it. what the heck is wrong with me?

"do you know...where you're going to" - no

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

ok, so all this year i've been thinking that summer started in november. so what?

in related news, a man fell asleep on me on the train last week. one of those situations where i didn't know what i was supposed to do, so i just tried to get on with last-minute studying as i became more and more aquainted with the window.

assignments are pretty ugly things until you start them. then they get even uglier.

"pretty white-washed lies...endless alibis...and reasons that need cleaning every night" - counting crows