marmalade dreaming

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"she appears in his dreams...but in his car and in his arms...a dream can mean anything" - wilco

Monday, December 20, 2004

ok, so my attachment to certain names of medical conditions got the better of me. glandular fever moved in a few weeks ago, and the world is now a much more tiring place to live.

every time i sit down at the computer i'm overpowered by the smell of mangoes. we've been given a whole box of them (it's a wahroonga thing) and for some reason the box is currently living next to the computer. they smell nice and summery, but that still isn't enough to make me like them. i can hear the gasping now. 'mangoes! you don't like mangoes??! man, i love mangoes. how can you not like mangoes?!' what is it with mangoes and compulsory affection for them? it's ok to not like meat, or walnuts, or butter, but mangoes...that's just asking for social isolation.

i wonder how much more exciting or interesting or chaotic the world would be if every single idea that every single person has ever had actually was given the chance to become reality. but not terrible ideas involving violence and hate and revenge or any of that...just the creative or innovative or plain weird ideas that you get from time to time...the ideas that show a tease of potential but not quite enough for you to beleive in them.

just went to google australia, and was greeted not only by the colourful letters of the title, but also by two jolly polar bears enjoying the snow. i'd understand this for the generic google site, but you'd think they could be a bit more culturally specific. we don't see as many polar bears around these days.

and while crosswords still make me feel stupid, i've started doing more of them in the hope that either a) i'll improve or b) not improve but grow numb to the feeling of stupidity. it's a win-win situation.

"what moonsongs do you sing your babies...what sunshine do you bring...who belongs...who decides who's crazy...who rights wrongs where others cling" - smashing pumpkins