marmalade dreaming

Friday, September 23, 2005

just tried 'fat free light soy milk' on my cereal, and i have a sneaking suspicion that water would have been more tasty.

"and can these dreams you can't imagine...will never match the vision...that you had decided for me" - the white stripes

Saturday, September 17, 2005

i can't beleive it's nearly blackstump time again. this year has gone all sorts of places.

in other news, i finally made it to rozelle markets last week. lots of treasures were bought. the cherry on top was probably the polaroid camera i got for $10 (and it even works!), which i thought warranted a celebration picnic in a park at balmain. it was swell...munching on a greek salad in the sunshine looking over the water and excitedly going through all the fun things i'd just bought and wondering what i'd take my first photo of.

at work they were going to throw out these four cute little wooden chairs (and i mean little - they're for pre-schoolers) because one was a bit broken and they were buying a new set. isn't that just insane? they now have a temporary home on our verandah, and i can't wait to pretty them up. does life get more exciting than redecorating old furniture?

i think it would be funny if you gave somebody a brick for their birthday and said it was a paperweight.

"i may take a holiday in spain...leave my wings behind this little girl insane...and fly away to somewhere new" - counting crows

here we are again. well, here i am again. although, since you're reading this i suppose i can say 'we'. but don't think for a second that it actually matters.

this is how i see it: a really good cake. this cake is fantastic, it's a beautiful thing to enjoy and you can see how yum it is ('yum' is a super word...think about it), but there are flies buzzing all around it (do flies buzz?). they're everywhere - hovering over the cake, on the cake, climbing up the sides of the cake...getting stuck in the icing etc...generally being a nuisance and preventing enjoyment of the cake. now imagine the cake is joy and the flies are nerves, and that's how i feel about dancing.

some songs feel like home. and it doesn't even have to be your own home. sometimes you hear a song that actually sounds like someone else will think it feels like home. does that make sense?

some things that make my job unique:
- singing the alphabet at least once a day
- using phrases like "marcus, stop biting the door please"
- coming home with paint in your hair, glue on your jeans, various food scraps on your top and sand absolutely everywhere
- using phrases like "no marcus, annabella is not a trampoline"
- being groped by the occasional four-year old who hasn't yet learnt about personal space
- using phrases like "marcus, you need to stop putting your head in the bin"
- getting excited over a new christmas song by the wiggles
- using phrases like "marcus, you need to stop putting annabella's head in the bin"

i should probably job involves more than the above. it would be nice if it didn't. but it's not all fun and games and sand and wiggles...on the contrary, it's the most exhausting and challenging job i've ever had. but i like it :)

it might be time for a tea...

i like candles. and cole porter.

"in olden days a glimpse of stocking...was looked on as something shocking...but now, god knows...anything goes" - a classic from the man himself